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Old and Antique Oriental Rugs ,Carpets, Kilims, Sumaks, Suzanis and textiles.

Our broad selection covers virtually all the styles and places of origin. We offer great City, Village and Tribal rugs including trappings . You may choose an item directly from our gallery browsing through our stock with the help of the following criteria:


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 Occasionally we offer rugs at Ebay .
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Please note that buyer always pays Shipping and Insurance as well as any import duties in country of destination.


We shall accept merchandise for return if bought through our site provided buyers notify us with seven days of delivery. Return shipping and expenses are paid by buyer.


We can undertake a small or large restoration of almost any kind of old/antique carpet. Professional hand cleaning and minor maintenance is also available during the summer months. Please call +30 210 3637056 or send us an e-mail at restoration@kilimhali.com  for inquiry concerning your carpet.
Our restoration service is conducted in the premises in Athens or Istanbul.

Decoration ideas

These photos appear courtesy of our customers.
Here at deco you will really appreciate the beauty and the distinct personality the old carpet gives to the overall aesthetic appeal .
All the carpets presented have been supplied by KILIM HALI since 1991.
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This is a very useful page to find tips for cleaning the carpet .
Avoid common mistakes before you acquire the carpet reading the tips for buying carpets.


Browse through the articles and find suggested reading material.


The links will guide you to other important antique carpet sites.

Selling your old carpet

If you would like to sell your antique carpets please send us an email with a few 500 kb photos ,description and your asking price.


If you would like to visit us in person or arrange for an appointment please call us at:

+30 210 3637056 or send us an e-mail to info@kilimhali.com.



"The Old Art of Weaving the Time"


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